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Designed to create a truly unique events venue

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We are passionate about the traditional Yurt design & using materials from as close to home as possible.

Bespoke Venues to Hire or Own

Ideal for creating an extra bit of space in your garden to relax infront of a log burning stove and perfect for hosting parties, events, dinners or family gatherings.

Dragonfly Yurts


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Dragonfly Yurts

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Weddings Weddings

Our Bespoke Wedding Venue - Brought To You.

Three lovingly handcrafted Yurts designed to make your special day magical & unique.

For the Ceremony...

For the Dining...

For the Dancing...

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Our Gorgeous Yurts Available To Hire

Yurts are available to hire and we have all the interior furniture and log burning stoves to ensure you have a cosy and homely space even if it is just for the weekend.

Yurt Hire

12ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £500

Yurt Hire

16ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £700

Yurt Hire

18ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £800

Yurt Hire

20ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £1,250

Yurt Hire

26ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £1,750

Yurt Hire

33ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £2,750