Custom Builds

Yurts are generally "sized" by their diameter in feet, increasing in two feet intervals starting from a very wee 8ft.

The list across shows the equivalent sizes in metres & the floor space in square meters to give you an idea of the overall area each Yurt gives.

It also shows the general usability of each size of Yurt to give you an idea of what would suit your requirements.

Prices are for the complete Yurt frame, lockable door, canvas with four PVC windows, top crown cap with PVC "window", installation. Delivery is £0.50 - £1.00 per mile, per round trip from my workshop in Pitlochry.

I use acrylic canvas rather than the commonly used PolyCotton "Boy Scout" marquee canvas. Acrylic canvas is available in over 30 colours is UV stabilised so doesn't fade & doesn't degenerate as natural cotton will do.

My Yurts are a truly amazing, relaxing & welcoming space & never fail to “wow” or impress guests whether it’s their first or hundredth time in one of them.

I always recommend siting your Yurt on an elevated wooden base or a suitable platform/decking rather than just on the ground & I’m happy to give you ideas & advice about what’s required.

I use locally sourced Ash or Oak (both hard woods) as they steam bend beautifully to form the wall trellis & rafters. There is also the option to use locally sourced soft wood like Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar.

1) 12ft/3.66mt - 10.50m2.
Sleeps two on a double mattress & seats 9 diners

2) 14ft/4.27mt - 14.25m2
Sleeps four on two double mattress & seats 9-12 diners

3) 16ft/4.88mt - 18.70m2
Sleeps six on three double mattresses & seats 12-18 diners

4) 18ft/5.50mt - 23.75m2
Sleeps eight on four double mattresses & seats 15-25 diners

The building of my Yurts is very labour intensive & can take 6-8 weeks depending on size, material availability & other workshop commitments.

My prices are based on materials (wood, canvas, PVC, cord, Velcro, webbing, door fittings etc) & sewing all at cost, a small amount for workshop overheads (use of machinery, rent & rates) plus my time, which I base on an hourly rate of just £12.50 before deductions (less than it costs to get grass cut here in Pitlochry !!!)

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Our Gorgeous Yurts Available To Hire

Yurts are available to hire and we have all the interior furniture and log burning stoves to ensure you have a cosy and homely space even if it is just for the weekend.

Hire Period: 3 days/nights (longer available)

12ft Yurt Hire

12ft Diameter Yurt

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16ft Yurt Hire

16ft Diameter Yurt

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18ft Yurt Hire

18ft Diameter Yurt

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Yurt Hire

20ft Diameter Yurt

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26ft Yurt Hire

26ft Diameter Yurt

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33ft Yurt Hire

33ft Diameter Yurt

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