Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to put the Yurt up myself ?

A: Not at all... We fully assemble your chosen Yurt, but you’re more than welcome to help or bring tea & cake & just watch !!!

Q: How are the Fairy Lights powered ?

A: You’ll need to provide an extension cable into the Yurt from a reliable mains power source.

Q: Do you need vehicular access to the Yurt site ?

A: Ideally yes, the closer the better & any extra willing volunteers to fetch & carry are always welcome !!!

Q: Can we hire a Yurt for longer than the standard 3 days/nights ?

A: You certainly can & we offer special rates for extended hire periods - just ask.

Q: How long does it take to put up one of your Yurts ?

A: The 12ft - 18ft Yurts usually take between 2 & 3 hours while the 26ft Yurt can take up to 6 hours.

Q: How do I chose a suitable site for the Yurt ?

A: Just allow an extra metre/3 ft onto the size of the Yurt you require & make sure the ground is level, well drained with the grass freshly cut & cleared.

Our Gorgeous Yurts Available To Hire

Yurts are available to hire and we have all the interior furniture and log burning stoves to ensure you have a cosy and homely space even if it is just for the weekend.

Yurt Hire

12ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £500

Yurt Hire

16ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £700

Yurt Hire

18ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £800

Yurt Hire

20ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £1,250

Yurt Hire

26ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £1,750

Yurt Hire

33ft Diameter Yurt

Price From £2,750